Battle for Minewind is a game feature that allows clans to fight for control of the Minewind city.

During the event spawn regeneration is disabled.
Find and take control of the sheep to gain points for your clan.

First clan to gain 2000 points will be a winner until the next battle is decided.
If nobody reaches 2000 points in 30 minutes, clan with highest points will be victorious.

If the score is even at 30 minutes, additional 5 minutes of overtime will be added until victor is decided.


Winning the battle provides clan leader with unique trades accessible somewhere around /warp castle.


  • Clan leader can access Castler the trader for as long as they remain victorious.
  • Castler nurtures one Victory Bean per day, precious beans can be traded for legendary parts and more.
  • Clan leader can choose to lead the city into Communism or Capitalism, can be combined with Anarchy or Fascism.



Communism Capitalism Anarchy Fascism
Decreases the degg prices villagers ask for trades by 10% for each upgrade. Adds 10% degg tax to villager trades for each upgrade, clan leader receives taxes daily. Takes 30% more destruction (per upgrade) for spawn regeneration to begin. Takes 20% less destruction (per upgrade) for spawn regeneration to begin.

Maximum level on all upgrades is 3, losing the battle resets all upgrades.

Wednesday 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Saturday 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Using command /castle will display the current city holder.