Clans are essentially players grouped around private chat channels and shared clan base.

Our aim is to create fun without tampering too much with the vanilla feel. The challenge is that, even though we are in full control of the development and adding features based around clans, we must stay true to absolute anarchy. We are aiming to enhance vanilla, this means no land protections of any kinds.

  • Creating a clan costs 1 Dragon Egg (Maximum clan name and tag length are 20 and 4 characters.)
  • Initial clan capacity: 3 members
  • Upgrading the clan increases member capacity by 1 and costs 1 Dragon Egg
  • Maximum clan level is 10
    – Level 2 unlocks clan MOTD
    – Level 3 unlocks clan home
    – Level 5 unlocks clan alliances
  • Maximum number of alliances is 3
    – Can be used as a chat extension to support up to 36 players
  • Recruit rank does not have access to clan home, only clan chat
  • Only the leader can promote or demote members to officers and back
  • The leader or the officers can invite new members
  • The leader or the officers can kick members
  • The leader or the officers can set clan MOTD
  • Only the leader can appoint a new leader
  • Only the leader can request/break an alliance with other clan
  • Anyone but the leader can leave the clan (appoint a new leader or disband the clan)
  • Only the leader can disband the clan
  • All members can use the clan chat (type /c <message> or /cl)
  • /cl Locks you into the clan chat so the next messages you type will be routed into the clan chat rather than main chat. Type /cl again to unlock the behavior.

  • /clan – See this list of commands in-game
  • /clan create <name of your clan> – Create clan with given name (consumes 1 Dragon Egg)
  • /clan tag <tag> – Create clan tag (1-4 letters short-name for your clan)
  • /clan invite <name> – Invite player with given name to clan
  • /clan accept – Accept clan invitation
  • /clan info – View clan info (Clan name, tag, level, capacity, members and their ranks)
  • /clan promote <name> – Promote member with given name
  • /clan demote <name> – Demote member with given name
  • /clan levelup – Level up your clan (consumes 1 Dragon Egg)
  • /clan kick <name> – Kick member with given name
  • /clan pass <name> – Transfer clan leadership to player with given name
  • /clans – View a list of all clans on the server
  • /clans <tag> – View info of the clan with the given tag
  • /c <message> – Message your clan
  • /cl – Toggle lock into the clan chat channel
  • /clan leave – Leave your clan
  • /clan sethome – Set clan base
  • /clan home – Teleport to clan base
  • /clan alliance – Alliance management
  • /clan motd – Creates clan message of the day