Winter Cleaning


Welcome City of Ceej by SliquifierC! It has been added to Multispawn rotation.
The mad lad built everything in survival with his own hands. Truly a mythical beast!

This update includes many small changes and bug-fixes, performance improvements for client's FPS
as well as some server optimization stuff. Worth noting features can be seen below.

Spawn PvP Tag 2.0

By default PvP is disabled in Spawn, come chillax if you wanna! Can be toggled by typing /pvp in-spawn.

Activating /pvp turns your name red in-spawn, making you project dominant alpha energy.

Attacking anyone who's PvP Tagged will also make the attacker become PvP Tagged!

Stronger Monsters Resurrected!

Nights just got crazier and it's only the beginning!

Item Guard

By default valuable items can not be accidently thrown away, can be toggled by typing /itemguard in-game.


We'll probably be done with 1.18 update soon!

Please report any bugs you find.