Warden doesn’t like being cheated on, so hacked clients may get you banned from the server.

Many hacked Minecraft clients have malware hidden inside. It’s scary how many people mine bitcoins without realizing it.

The following SHOULD NOT trigger Warden

Server/client lag
Inventory tweaks
Better pvp
World downloaders
Chat tweaks

Use caution when installing any game modifications, and only use content from trusted sources.

Client Validation Error

Warden is constantly analyzing players and gets better overtime at finding the bad potatoes.

You can help us find false positives by filing a bug report so we can investigate what happened in greater detail.

If you don’t break the rules, you will never be permanently wardened. It’s that simple.


If you’ve been exiled due to repeated cheating or other infractions, you can fill this ban appeal form.

Reporting cheaters

Suspecting a cheater? Fill this report form and we’ll investigate.