Through the Veil

Through the Veil

Summer Network Stability Update

Hey everyone,

This update is mostly focused on network stability. Previously, many people had trouble connecting to our servers, and in some cases, latency and ping would go through the roof, resulting in constant disconnects and an inability to play the game.

We've identified ghosts in the machines and took some time to make sure they are gone for good. We've even got some ghostbusters on standby, just in case!

Network v6 to full modern


Modernized Network: We’ve made significant improvements to our networking parts. Your connection should be much more stable, and you’ll experience less lag (up to a 50% decrease in ping and latency for many players).

Bug Fixes: We’ve addressed a lot of the bugs that you’ve reported. If you’ve encountered an issue that still isn’t fixed, please let us know by filing another bug report. The majority of upcoming updates will once again go to live servers right away, so don't wait to report anything that feels wrong! We're still working on some fixes and improvements.

Improved Workflow: These changes allow us to roll out updates and fixes more quickly. This means we can get back to working on the fun stuff sooner and do it faster.

Why This Matters

We needed to do these upgrades to keep up with Minecraft's latest updates and standards. This foundational work is essential to support all the exciting features we want to bring you in the future. This should also greatly speed up version support for future official Minecraft releases.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we took care of these essential tasks. We have quite a bit of fun stuff in the works, which will be coming out very soon! Big thanks to everyone for the bug reports and feedback.

Happy Summer & Stay Cool!