Summoner’s Labyrinth

A crazed summoner summons everyone to the randomly generated 3D labyrinth.
Escape the labyrinth and receive one of the summoner's treasures.

This update brings major changes, bug fixes and general improvements, many new items and a new event.

Starting Path

All players now must choose one of the apprentice paths upon beginning the game.
It only gives you gear for now, but your choice will be remembered by the game.

Item Guard Plus

Items with lore no longer break, when durability reaches 1, they become disenchanted until repaired.
Items that contain lore no longer drop on death in the wild.


Back on death magica has been forgotten.

Many have perished in the wilderness, so many that it got the Loot Keeper's attention.
Whatever remained of those perished souls has been stashed away in the wilderness.

Wild villages partnered up with Trado to establish trading routes, improving their inventory.
Wandering merchant also got his hands onto a bunch of loot from all around the world.

Sensing more sweet loot, monsters have entered their first stage of evolution.


Removed /pvp tag