Summer Cleaning

Summer Cleaning


Hey everyone! We've been fixing a lot of bugs following the recent Chaos and 1.20 updates. Big thanks to all of you who have reported bugs and given feedback (over 90% reported bugs fixed!) it's pretty big help overall. We've fixed nearly everything we've seen, and now we're adding some quality of life improvements.

All of your bases now have a waypoint (a home essentially) that can be reached and reset directly from the clock interface. You can also give each of your bases a name, pick a teleport point, and even choose an icon - all from the /claimclock interface. Plus, scrolling through your base claims should be convenient with a few sorting options.

Additionally, we've introduced a land protection option to regulate the passage of vehicles through your base border. By default, all vehicles—including those carrying sensitive moving inventories like hopper minecarts and boats with chests—are prevented from entering or leaving your base.

Anyway, the menu should be self-expanatory. Give it a go and tell us what you think! As always, any ideas for improvement are greatly appreciated.

We have just a few more bugs to fix, and then we'll have an open road to finish more new updates we've also been working on. This includes new items, new essences, and mysterious new improvements that should turn the whole game upside down!

PvP minigames have been removed from /gamemenu for now, to be replaced with something cooler at a later date. Gamemenu now also has a three monster difficulty options for wild worlds:

  • Normal (Encounter boss monsters on your journey)
  • Easy (No boss monsters, only normal monsters)
  • Peaceful (No monsters will haunt you)

When playing with others, the game will automatically adjust to match the highest difficulty level among nearby players.

Big thanks to everyone for feedback and bug reports.