Cheater Spanker


Cheater spanker is always looking for naughty players, so cheating may get you spanked from the server.

Many hacked clients have malware hidden inside. It’s scary how many people mine Bitcoins without knowing.

Use caution when installing any game modifications, and only use content from trusted sources.

Cheater Spanker Detection

If you see this message you're either very probably a cheater, or there might be a bug somewhere.

If you haven't cheated, please report a bug. Otherwise please don't cheat.

You will never be permanently spanked unless you keep doing bad stuff.

Reporting Bad Potatoes

Suspecting a cheater? Fill this report form and we’ll investigate.

Naughty Plea

Bad boy points accumulate on your account with every violation, but are forgiven with time.

Due to repeated cheating and other infractions, spanking time can increase indefinitely.

Filling ban appeal may be helpful.