Weather Control

Do you even praise the sun?

New, unique way for Minewind players to have some control of the weather.

1) Global Player Vote:

  • If any message you type contains “praise the sun“, you will vote +1.
  • Else if the message contains “fuck the sun“, you will vote -1.
  • Each player may vote once, unless you’re changing your mind.
  • 2) Receive weather:

  • If the overall score becomes more than 20% of the players online, weather will become sunny.
  • Else if the score becomes less than -20% of the players, rain and thunder will come.
  • Players may force the weather to change once every 3 hours.


  • If there are 80 players online, the score will need to reach either +16 or -16 for the weather to change.
  • If 7 players “praise the sun” and 4 “fuck the sun”, the overall score will be +3.

  • If the Sun God is on cooldown, either praising or forsaking the sun will do nothing.