Open Party

Let's Get This Party Started

Open Party is a new addition to the /gamemenu compass, this feature lets you find people to adventure with and gives extra rewards for playing together. Anyone can create or join Open Party, if no Open Parties exist, one will be created, allowing anyone to join. Open Parties can only exist in the wilderness.

  • Friendly fire is disabled
  • Players searching for Open Party may be teleported to your location without TP confirmation
  • Anyone who comes close to your party will become a member of the party

If you teleport far away from your party members, you'll exit the party.
When in party with others, the game will automatically adjust to the highest difficulty level among nearby players.

Loot Boosts and Bonuses

  • Each party member receives a 130% bonus on loot drops from boss monsters.
  • The loot boost accumulates with each additional party member, capping at a 666% loot bonus.

Example: If one party member defeats a boss, they'll receive a 130% loot boost. If a second member contributes to defeating the boss, the total loot bonus increases to 260%, reaching up to a maximum of 666%. Even by yourself, defeating bosses while in Open Party always grants 130% bonus loot.

  • Party Size Limitations: Although the boss loot boost maxes out at 5 members or a 666% bonus, there is no limit to how many players can join an Open Party.
  • Loot Voting Rights: Players who participated in a boss fight are included in voting on that specific boss loot drops.

Party Loot Distribution System


When your party defeats a boss that drops valuable items, you will have three options to distribute the boss loot between party members who contributed to the fight:

  1. Need: Prioritize taking the item for yourself.
  2. Greed: Opt for this if you're willing to take the item only if no one else needs it.
  3. Pass: Select this if you don't require the item, allowing others to roll for it based on their 'Need' or 'Greed' choices.

(1. Need) or (2. Greed) selection will produce a roll from 1 to 100, highest roll gets the item.

Some more common items such as Dragon Eggs and God Apples still fall on the ground, finders keepers!

Wild Loot Reworked

Treasure chests, abandoned minecarts and other things scattered throughout the wilderness are now brimming with more loot! Things you find on your journey should be generally a lot more useful and a lot less predictable from now on.

We've vastly upgraded the way loot is generated in Minecraft wilderness, with a main focus both mystery and usefulness. This is the first released version of such loot, so it will almost certainly be made even more crazy and mysterious in the future, and especially more thick.

Many interesting items released in the future will also become part of wild loot.


Overhead Chat

New chat feature to make your conversations more immersive.

This feature respects your ignore list and supports Chat Control, Chat Filter and Premium Chat Colors as well.

Additionally you can toggle personal overhead chat visibility via /menu if you want to see what your overhead chat looks like.

Expanding E-Chest

This update also improves the performance and reliability of our player data storage mechanisms.

We can now support an infinite amount of Ender Chest slots, that's just one improvement among many other cool things that were previously impossible.

Everyone gets roughly 300% increase in Ender Chest slots for free! Ender Chest slots can be further increased by defeating boss monsters, via vote rewards or buying more Ender Chest stash tabs in our store.

This feature is still in its early life so we can add more functionality as time goes on - such as item sorting, search or whatever you think would be cool to have. Give it a try, we're always open for feedback about improvements.

Minecraft Now has Infinite Ender Chests Slots

Technical Upgrade

Minewind is designed with scalability in mind, distributing player load across multiple servers, each powered by its own dedicated hardware. This relatively complex mechanism creates a smoother, mostly lag-free experience for every player.

In this upgrade, we've tackled several longstanding bugs, some of which seemed nearly impossible to fix prior to this patch. One notable issue was the potential risk of item loss during server transfers in extremely rare conditions.

Thanks to some major system rewrites, we've enhanced reliability, eliminating many of these issues while opening new doors to a lot of upcoming cool features.

Furthermore, the item essence overload problem (where 4 or more essences could be applied to a single item) has been fixed. All bugged items with excess essences will have their essences reset and all essences from those items will be returned to your /claim mail so you can recombine your essences in any way you desire.

The stew HP issue should be resolved. If you encounter any players experiencing the 'stew hp bug', please fill out a bug report including their name, and we will investigate.

We've also addressed many bugs all around. If you've reported an issue that hasn't been fixed within a week, please file another bug report. Majority of our upcoming work will once again be delivered directly to the live server, meaning you'll experience hotfixes and updates much faster.

Server version has also been updated to support the latest Minecraft 1.20.4 so if something feels bugged or not working as expected please let us know. Some technical changes have been made all around in Minecraft itself.

Changelog for Minecraft versions:
- 1.20.2
- 1.20.3
- 1.20.4

Long Road Ahead

We've been changing quite a bit of stuff in the background to speed up our updates in general, rewriting old shaky code and just making everything work with better stability and certainty. This patch is somewhat of a foundation for all the new cool stuff that is nearing completion.

If you have crazy ideas for new & upcoming features, items, essences, events or general improvements please let us know. As always, a huge thanks to everyone for your bug reports and feedback! Much more stuff coming soon!

Stay awesome & happy new year!