Next Generation

The power of enders connects the worlds

This update makes it possible to play with anyone from the entire Minewind network, no matter the sub servers.
Inventories, enderchests, teleports, homes, chat, spawn and middle of the end have been made global.

New data format
profile conversion

Everyone who played before this update will have their inventory and echest items transferred to ''/reclaiminventory''

Clans have been reset, clan home + 9 deggs transferred to leader.

Still doing stuff

Profiles, clans, praising and battle event will be re-released in the weeks to come.

Marriages have been reset, everyone married receives 2 certificates. Will be re-added at a later date.

Map arts belong to their original server for the time being.


This update was in the oven for some time, please fill a bug report if something looks out of place.



Minewind Team