Mythical Builds

Build Something Mythical

Introducing our new open invitation to submit your coolest Minecraft builds! There are no restrictions or deadlines - just let your creativity flow. If your build is accepted, we'll reward you with a custom mythical item.

Your builds could become part of minigames, hubs, spawns, new events, or any other exciting feature you can imagine. If you have a specific idea for how your build should be used, please include it in your submission.

Please note that implementation timelines will vary, as we will integrate your submissions when the appropriate update is in production.

Thank you for participating.

Build FAQ

We mainly check if the build looks interesting and complete as a destructible map. Meaning, it is fun to destroy using spells or travel through with digging tools.

For example, if you have a house it's nice to have indoor decorations that make it look like a house all the way through.

Also, building on top of natural Minecraft generation adds a lot of detail to your build that is instantly fun to dig through.

It's best to use the official Minecraft client while building, to make sure that your build doesn't cause significant FPS loss.

Absolutely! New versions of previous submissions are also welcome.

You can build in overworld, nether or the end. Whichever you choose will be used on live server.

We'll make a unique item for every build accepted. It is a mystery item because it hasn't been made yet.

Sure! Just tell us which one in the submission form.

Totally! Just include your idea with your submission and we'll think about it.

Every member of your build team will receive a copy.

On the same day your build is added to the live server.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

Drop us some feedback and we’ll add more information.

Accepted Entries

By Parafaxx, KARN4, c9c

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By Krylord, Grinnfi, Flitz_Tuga, Falfas

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By SliquifierC


Build Team Members

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Patogoton Capital has experienced rapid industrial revolution and is now in the age equivalent to the Victorian Age. The people of Patogoton have made their society progressive, but still there are people who experience hardship in this capital. Will they conquer their obstacles and walk the path of bright future?

Build Team Members
Milhousee, Unoxsoep, Jeffaloop, HamelBasis

YouTube Showcase:

Nautilussia Reef is a sanctuary to many species of aquatic creatures. It is believed that this area is located in the region where ships disappear mysteriously. At the center of the underwater paradise is the temple of Nautilus where the dwelling people protect the environment from outsiders.

Build Team Members

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Build Team Members

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Adraken's –
Krylord's –

Build Team Members

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_Adraken_'s –
Krylord's –

Build Team Members

Youtube Video Showcase

New Build Submission Form

Build POI

These are XYZ locations, points of interest in your build. For example starting area, inn, restaurant, theater, mausoleum, etc...



Add wild coordinates to your build entry if you're hardcore and built it on Minewind in survival.

Upload your map to if you built it in creative server.