Minewind Minigames

Use the game compass for navigating different minigames.
The /compass also points to the closest enemy in most minigames.

Thanks to everyone who submitted mythical builds! More maps have been added to the game.

This is a relatively big update, so we're expecting at least some bugs somewhere.
Bug reports are always welcome.

Some new commands:

/party and /leaveparty (Parties always go to the same team in minigames.
Also auto joins all party members when any member selects a game.)

/compass (to get a game menu if you don't have one yet.)

New items, spells & more minigames will be released in the near future.
If you have cool ideas, now is a good time to send your suggestions.

By Krylord, Grinnfi, Flitz_Tuga, Falfas

City State of Ago

By Krylord

Zephyr Archipelago

By Parafaxx, KARN4, c9c

Also fixed bunch of bugs, if you find more bugs please send us a bug report.