Combat Update

Minecraft combat update has arrived!

Minecraft Combat Update

Combat has been rebalanced completely in order to make more stuff usable. Every defensive and offensive piece of equipment has been rebalanced, as well as some other things. There are too many things to list, but following are some of the less obvious parts of the update:

  • Armor scaling has been reworked to narrow the gap between unenchanted, enchanted and god items. This also narrows the gap for anything between leather and netherite armor.
  • Weapon damage scaling has been reworked, which should make all items usable (in theory). Same for spells and potions.
  • Sharpness scaling has been reduced.
  • No armor gives any increase in maximum health or damage reduction potion effect.
  • Some types of damage no longer provide invulnerability time: poison, wither, fire, projectile, splash potions. This should allow for uninterrupted attacks on someone taking damage over time, and for multiple projectile hits at the same time.
  • Overall invulnerability time has been reduced slightly.
  • Some powerful consumables now have a cooldown.
  • Potion and food regeneration has been nerfed. Also gapples no longer give resistance.
  • Health above players' heads now shows percentage value instead of the number of half hearts.
  • Summons have been nerfed all across.
  • Disrupting magical essence now reduces magic damage by 50% instead of silencing spells.


Thank you for all the previous feedback. If you find something that is still overpowered or underpowered, please send us feedback or a bug report.