July 2024 Changelog

July 2024 Changelog

Ongoing changes will be added here throughout the month

Thank you for reporting bugs and sending us feedback. Your input is greatly appreciated!
If you found something that stopped working, is buggy or needs improvement, please send us feedback or a bug report.

Below are the bug fixes and some changes for July 2024.

  • Fixed arrows getting stuck on head, causing FPS/server lag in some cases.


  • Fixed more cursed chain shot interactions causing FPS/server lag.
  • Fixed absorption essence not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue preventing new players from participating in events.
  • Fixed labyrinth rooms being made out of the wrong material rarely, getting people stuck (ie half doors, glass panes, gates).
  • Fixed Flame of Satan TP Aura cookie not working when consumed. All cookies previously consumed should be in your /aura selection.
  • Fixed tridents hitting blessed snow causing FPS/server lag.
  • Fixed minecarts being indestructible by environment (lava/fire/cactus etc) when in claimed land (to help with item sorters).
  • Fixed player login bug, in some cases making a player invisible/immortal.
  • Reduced poison maximum duration.
  • New claim flag to allow untrusted visitors to farm your animals. The owner can always farm animals in their claim.
  • Fixed cursed fireball interactions with chainshot.
  • Slightly nerfed untouchable.
  • Blackhole now collides explosives into more powerful explosives.
  • Fixed blackhole x fireball interactions causing fps/server lag.
  • Fixed fps/server lag caused by arrows being stuck on top of aegis shield.
  • Fixed killer bunnies not being killable in claimed land.
  • Party % bonus drops now work as long as anyone is around; no need for everyone to hit the boss.
  • Fixed an issue where using any teleporting spell or item in a one-person party would cause you to leave the party.
  • Sharpening anvil no longer destroys the item upon failure, reduces sharpness and consumes materials needed to sharpen the weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where sharpening anvil would remove Kill Counter.
  • Fixed cursed issue with Ender Pearl Dispenser.
  • Removed some players stuck in ghost clans. A full clans rewrite is planned soon™. Meanwhile, if you're stuck in a ghost clan, please fill out a bug report. We're also accepting new ideas for features related to the clans rewrite.
  • Fixed parrot form immortality glitch.