Sunday & Saturday, from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM PACIFIC TIME (and random time)

During the event everybody at spawn can be killed.

Fish anywhere at spawn to get on the scoreboard. Top 3 are highlighted through walls.

Killing others gets you all their fish.

Leaving spawn area or teleporting using commands makes you lose all fish.

Winners are announced and rewarded on event end.
First Place 17x Dragon Eggs 10x Nether Stars 3x Evolved Blue Fish 1x Heart of the Ocean
Second Place 12x Dragon Eggs 7x Nether Stars 2x Evolved Blue Fish
Third Place 9x Dragon Eggs 6x Nether Stars 1x Evolved Blue Fish
4th – 15th Place 4x Dragon Eggs

Event start times/rewards may be changed at any time.
Spawn regeneration is slowed during the event.