Frequently Asked Questions

Place your respawn bed or right click any bed in the world to set a respawn point.

The respawn bed is infinite but has a slight cooldown.

Type /wild to teleport to a random location in the wilderness. The location resets once in a while.

Type /sethome <location name here> to save your location.

Type /home <location name here> to teleport to your saved location.

Press TAB to complete home names for convenience.

Type /tp <player name> to request teleportation.

Press TAB to complete player names for convenience.

Type /help to see full list of commands.

30,000,000 by 30,000,000 blocks.

Yes, but try to be nice to others, if you can.

We do not have an official discord. is the only source of official information for the network.

See LagFix for more information.

Right now we only support Java Minecraft.


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