Frequently Asked Questions

Right now we only support Java Minecraft.


Some dubbed us enhanced vanilla anarchy.

You're welcome to play survival Minecraft, typing /wild will relocate you to a relatively safe place where your journey begins.

Use a bed to set your respawn point.

You may find magical items while on your journey.

Dying in spawn keeps inventory.

Dying in wild does not.

We do not have a discord. is the only official source of information for the network.

See connection guide for more information.

If you need more assistance see connection troubleshooter.

This is sandbox survival Minecraft, the world is your oyster.

Checkout YouTube guides if you need tutorials on survival.

Use bed to feel refreshed, phantoms don't like that.

All new players have access to the following

  • 3 Home Waypoints — Save up current location, teleport there anytime.
  • Player Teleport — Relocate to other players if they agree to the request.
  • Back on Death — Teleport to previous place of death in the wilderness.

Typing /help in-game will display all the commands.

We didn't put any restrictions on world border, so it's vanilla.

Currently there are 8 servers connected together so there is plenty of space to build and explore.

See LagFix for more information.


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