Frequently Asked Questions

Place your respawn bed or right click any bed in the world to set a respawn point.

The respawn bed is infinite but has a slight cooldown.

Type /compass to receive a tool for navigation or /wild to teleport to a random location in the wilderness

Use /claimclock to access the land claiming tool.

For every minute played you passively gain 2 block claiming power. You can also vote block claiming power or buy it in our store.

Type /sethome <location name here> to save your location.

Type /home <location name here> to teleport to your saved location.

Press TAB to complete home names for convenience.

Type /tp <player name> to request teleportation.

Press TAB to complete player names for convenience.

Yes, all players have access to /back command, which teleports you to the exact place of your death in the wilderness.

If you're stuck or have issues that prevent you from playing, please fill a bug report

We'll identify and fix related issues.

Type /help to see full list of commands.

We didn't put any limits on world size.

Yes, but try to be nice to others, if you can.

We do not have an official discord. is the only source of official information for the network.

See LagFix for more information.

We appreciate content creators and would love to support you.

Check out Degg For Friends feature!

Encountering disconnections with the error "Internal Exception Connection reset" or facing other connection issues? Let's troubleshoot together:

  • Change Your Connection Method: Are you on a wired connection? Give Wi-Fi a try. If you're already using Wi-Fi, switching to a wired connection might stabilize your connection.
  • Report & Resolve: If the issue persists, we're here to help. Please report the connection error so we can take a closer look. In the meantime, using a VPN might provide a temporary workaround.

We're committed to ensuring a smooth experience and appreciate your effort in helping us improve.


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