Elytra Race (BETA)

How high can you go?

Decorators have been busy, from trading cute blocks to hosting on-going Minewind Elytra race event.

The Event is still in BETA stage, improvements are made on daily basis.

How To Play

From time to time the server will announce the start of Elytra Hoops Event.

Type /warp decorators in-game to participate. You have to be present at decorators island to participate before the event begins.

When the event starts you will receive a decorators™ sponsored elytra. Use it to finish the race and get rewarded.

Type /exit in-game to withdraw from the Elytra event.

All Elytra tracks can be finished without using a single firework. The event has no time limit, so take as much time as you need.

Elytra Hoops Rewards
First Place 7 Dragon Eggs Enders Shulker Elytra Forbidden Cacao Beans
Second Place 6 Dragon Eggs Enders Shulker Elytra
Third Place 5 Dragon Eggs Enders Shulker
4th – 10th Place 3 Dragon Eggs

Anything can change at any time without notice.