Elytra Race (BETA)

How high can you go?

Decorators have been busy, from trading cute blocks to hosting on-going Minewind Elytra race event.

The Event is still in BETA stage.

Please report bugs. Attach a video of bug happening for extra credit. It would be very helpful.

How To Play

From time to time the server will announce the start of Elytra Hoops Event.

Type /warp decorators in-game to participate. You have to be present at decorators island to participate before the event begins.

When the event starts you will receive a decorators™ sponsored elytra. Use it to finish the race and get rewarded.

Type /exit in-game to withdraw from the Elytra event.

All Elytra tracks can be finished without using a single firework. The event has no time limit, so take as much time as you need.

Elytra Hoops Rewards
First Place 7 Dragon Eggs Enders Shulker Elytra Forbidden Cacao Beans
Second Place 6 Dragon Eggs Enders Shulker Elytra
Third Place 5 Dragon Eggs Enders Shulker
4th – 10th Place 3 Dragon Eggs

Anything can change at any time without notice.