Dolphins N’ Stuff

Dolphins N’ Stuff


Aquatic update hit us hard with technical changes done to Minecraft. To put things in perspective, we had to update more code to support 1.13 than we did from versions 1.7 to 1.12 combined. We’ve spent months rewriting Minewind to accustom for 1.13 and preparing to move forward.

New server (Aqua) is up and running on 1.13 alongside the latest version of Minewind.
Auras will transfer to Aqua server at a later time and not at launch date.

– update –
Arch, Throne, Era, Sun and Azure now running 1.13.

Minewind 2.0 preview

– All commands can be seen & completed via TAB
– You will now respawn in your bed if you die
– Teleports will no longer protect you
– Spawn is now destructible
– PvP Tag re-imagined

That’s just a small preview. A lot has been changed over the last few months of work.

We have many features in the making, and now that we’re done with 1.13 you should be seeing more visible updates on frequent basis.

We’re still expecting some bugs with 1.13 (more than other releases) and we will appreciate your help to find and report bugs to us.
Work is being done on 1.13 performance issues. Most of the lag issues are not related to Minewind, so we have to improve Minecraft 1.13 code directly.

Keep in mind that 1.13 Minecraft client has some FPS issues, Mojang and OptiFine are working on it.