Gameplay Update

Create Your Own Meta

Most items have a secret soul of their own, hidden deep in the magic life source, only known as the Essence.
Whispers from the void foretell a time when such power can be harnessed and fused in ways beyond imagination.
As the chaos stirs, godly items resonate, subtly transferring their hidden Essence from one hand to the other.

Minecraft combat update has arrived!

This update brings new mechanics, balance changes, performance improvements, some QOL stuff and bug fixes.

We've been working on rewriting our God Gear System (GGS) for quite some time now. This update has been a significant focus for months, its complexity acting as a bottleneck, slowing down the release of new updates. Now that it's complete, it opens up a torrent of possibilities.

With this major hurdle crossed, we will now be able to roll out new updates, hotfixes, and improvements much faster. It also unlocks the capability to craft gameplay experiences that were previously impossible.

But it's not just about new features. This overhaul boosts server stability and performance, delivering a smoother, more responsive experience during combat, movement, and interaction. Everything should feel faster, less laggy, and more responsive.

In addition, offhand items can now be activated by holding shift. The new command /stats will show you exactly what's affecting your character in real-time—what you see is what you get. Keep in mind that the /stats command is still in its early stages, but it should display any active effects on your character.

If any gear doesn't activate properly, please report it as a bug.

Balance x Math

Imagine using math

Given the vastness of this update, anticipate some imbalance in the game. The sheer number of possibilities from this point forward, including future updates, makes it challenging to balance individual items immediately. Instead, we will be adopting a more advanced statistical approach to gauge the effectiveness of items in combat over time. We kindly ask for your patience as we enhance the overall balance. However, if you spot a game-breaking imbalance, please provide us with your feedback or submit a bug report, and we will prioritize addressing it. You can also let us know if something seems underpowered.


We've designed these new features to challenge your imagination, and theoretically make the game a lot deeper from here on out. Do note that with an update of this magnitude, initial bugs are inevitable. But majority of our upcoming work will be delivered directly to the live server, meaning you'll experience hotfixes and updates much faster.

Originally, this update was planned to include more Essences that cover all of their possibilities but the task proved too monumental so we've to split the update into parts. Numerous other updates including those with Midas Keys are nearing completion and will be out soon!

A colossal thanks to everyone for bug reports and feedback.

Extra Notes

Item dates will no longer be automatically attached to most newly acquired items. Instead, an upcoming update will introduce chisels, allowing you to inscribe dates and other stuff.

Magic disruption now silences for a little bit.

A few items have been changed completely.

A lot of items are supposed to work in cursed ways from now on. But if something looks way too cursed please report a bug.