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Reveal The Winner
– RamanS

I came up with the idea to re-create the “Modern Life” as my contest entry. This build will depict loosely my childhood in a very modern way. You start off in the suburbs and as you follow the given path you move towards the hockey stadium and the library ( spent most of my early days playing hockey and studying. ) As the path continues it brings you to the Trump Tower which symbolizes the growth of the area changing to a very urban area / city. Every building is inspired by a modern touch! I hope you enjoy the build! Every building will be fully finished (interior/exterior) so walk throughout the area and hopefully it looks as good to you as it does to me! (wasnt sure if i was supposed to do this when the build is done ~ it isn’t, but it will be by the deadline)

RamanS #1

RamanS – Minecraft Modern Build (Continued #2)

RamanS Modern Minecraft Build #3 Continued

RamanS – Hotel Minewind Build Event Winner

Reveal 2nd place
– fitosone

Fitosone modern

Reveal 3rd place
– Pixelmon22

Welcome to Heaven

Reveal 4th place
– WellFedHobo
The design is a fusion of modern aspects. Modern architecture plus modern Minecraft materials plus modern ideas, mixed with some more traditional architecture. The result is a modern Italian style villa.

Minewind modern build competition entry

Reveal 6th place
– nyjets113