Minecraft Anti Cheat


Hacked clients of any kind are not allowed. Examples are, but not limited to: x-ray, kill aura, minimap, inventory tweaks etc. You may be banned for any of these. Avoid sharing your accounts with others, as well as using proxies, VPNs, or Tor exit nodes. The use and security of your accounts is your responsibility. Remember that all players are equal when it comes to bans, things like rank have no relevancy. Because nobody likes playing with cheaters.

The following will not trigger a ban:

• Durability/health OSD
• PvP Damage indicators
• Legit texture packs & shaders
• Performance mods (ie: Opti-Fine)

Use caution when installing any game modifications, and only use content from trusted sources.

The details of the ban may not be provided:

We don’t have to disclose the cheats that were detected running on your client and/or the date and time the infraction took place. Any requests for this information will be ignored.

Bans are not instant – the rule violation may have occurred hours, days, weeks or even months before the ban is in place.

Permanent Bans:

If you’ve been permanently banned due to cheating or other infractions, you can fill this ban appeal form. Keep in mind that all rule violations for up to 12 months are connected to your banned account.

Temporary Bans:

If you were temporary banned for cheating, take it as a warning and don’t do it again. Next ban may be permanent. If you don’t cheat you will never be permanently banned, it’s that simple.

If you believe your temporary ban was unjust, then you can create a bug report. Please note that lying may result in permanent ban, as we will investigate what happened in greater detail.

Reporting Cheaters:

Suspecting a cheater? Fill this report form and we’ll investigate. Players are never banned based on reports alone.