Sharpness 5+ Enchanting

Sharpness 5+ Enchanting

Any melee weapon is now enchantable over Sharpness 5!

Find the special anvil at Minewind blacksmith’s, near spawn.

Anvil controls are self-explanatory, but beware: every enchanting attempt has a chance to destroy the item. You can decrease this chance to as low as 0% by adding extra sacrifice (add or remove sacrifice by clicking “+” and “-” buttons respectively). Higher sharpness levels require more, better sacrifices to have 100% success rate.

When your weapon reaches level XI (11), it becomes classified as a God Item and cannot be repaired via normal means.

Sacrifice materials:
– Sharpness 1-5: diamonds
– Sharpness 6-20: ember
– Sharpness 21-30: dragon egg
– Sharpness 30+: ?