PvP Arena

Are you not entertained?
PvP Arena

Minewind PvP arena is being re-coded from scratch to allow for new features and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Some features are still in the works.

Arena mode: Duel

  • 1 vs 1
  • Ender pearls are disabled
  • Consumables/durability affected
  • Items remain on death during battle
  • Nobody can interfere with the duelists
  • If nobody dies within 5 minutes (this may change), a duel is a tie

    /duel <player name> – Challenge a player to a duel
    /spectate <arena name> – Observe the fight as a ghost

    Public arena test in progress…

    Please submit all newly found bugs here. Depending on severity of the bug, you may be rewarded.

    Coming soon™ to the arena(s) near you

    – Hardcore duels
    – 2 vs 2
    – 3 vs 3
    – Weekly PvP tournaments (still brainstorming)
    – Matchmaking (lots of pros and cons, might not happen)
    – More other awesomeness?