Azure (early beta)

Enter The Sky Dimension of Minecraft!
Minecraft Skyblock Server


You can now try surviving the merciless Minewind sky dimension, portal to the server can be found on /hub.

Do note that it’s way harder than our classic survival, prepare your Angus.

Server IP

Minewind - Minecraft Skyblock Server Logo

Frequently asked questions:

Q:Will you be adding more stuff to Sky World?

Absolutely! We’re still working on it, more content will be added over time. Expect to see Nether and more sky biomes with some awesome stuff in the future. Existing biomes will also see additions and improvements. If you have a suggestion regarding the sky world – you can unleash some mind bombs here.

Q:Will the sky world be reset? Ever?

While world reset may happen during BETA (and even after BETA) – it is EXTREMELY unlikely. Only if something goes very wrong and there are no other options.

Q:What’s wrong with some trees?

Sky trees are generated using a method fundamentally different from vanilla Minecraft. The upside is you see wildly variable and sometimes unimaginable trees. The downside is they can also be unimaginably ugly. In any case, we’re still working on the technique, so the pretty-to-ugly tree ratio should decrease over time.

Q:I may have found a bug on Azure (Sky World), where I can report it?

You can report any bugs here.

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